DKIM OpenCart Extension allows you to easily sign all outgoing emails from OpenCart with DKIM.  DKIM lets your domain associate its name with the email message sent by OpenCart by affixing a digital signature to it. A valid signature guarantees that some parts of the email have not been modified since the signature was affixed. This improves email deliverability as SPAM filters can verify that the email was sent from your domain.

What you get upon purchase: 

  • 1x Website license (for a single domain)
  • Immediate download of the extension
  • Unlimited future downloads of the extension
  • Free future updates for this extension


  • Create new private keys
  • Automatically generate public keys from private keys.
  • Validate DKIM DNS TXT records
  • Select Security Hash Algorithm (SHA1 or SHA256)
  • Select bit length (2048 or 1024 for older DNS providers with TXT record limitations)
  • Select relaxed or simple canonicalization for email headers and body
  • Select which email headers to sign.
  • Send test emails


  • OpenCart Version 2.x


  • Opencart Version 2.x


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Enigma DKIM OpenCart Extension

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